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Name: Roomana Hukil
Current Job Title: Research Officer
Institution: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies
City: Delhi
Country: India
Education level: Masters
Area of Expertise: Water, Climate Change, Global Environmental Politics, Foreign Policy
List of publications:

Democracy is the Winner in Bhutan ." Geopolitics, September 2013

Geopolitical Ramifications on the Brahmaputra Front ." Defence and Security Alert, June 2013

IPCS Debate: The Failed States Index (FSI) Report: A Critique ." 
Special Report, No. 145, November 2013


“ Rudderless and Drowning in tears: The Rohingyas of Myanmar .” 
Issue Brief, June 2013

Pakistan: Why are Christians Being Persecuted?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4747, 19 November 2014

Muslims in Sri Lanka: Four Reasons for their Marginalisation” IPCS Commentary, No. 4722, 31 October 2014

Sri Lanka, Myanmar and the Buddhist Radical Groups: New Alignments?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4714, 22 October 2014

China’s Cartographic Aggression” IPCS Commentary, No. 4538, 4 July 2014

Modi’s Thimpu Visit: Deepening India-Bhutan Relations” IPCS Commentary, No. 4521, 17 June 2014

Malaysia, Thailand, and the Trafficking of the Rohingyas” IPCS Commentary, No. 4482, 30 May 2014

China-Vietnam: The Oil Rig Non-diplomacy” IPCS Commentary, No. 4471, 28 May 2014

India-China: A Water War over the Brahmaputra?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4415, 30 April 2014

India-Bangladesh Relations: Significance of the Teesta Water-Sharing Agreement” IPCS Commentary, No. 4403, 23 April 2014

TAPI Pipeline: Expected by 2017?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4335, 12 March 2014

South Asia’s 2013: A Time for Elections” IPCS Commentary, No. 4251, 13 January 2014

India & Bangladesh: A Breakthrough in Water Relations?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4204, 30 November 2013

Indian News Media: Does it have an Impact on Policy-Making?” IPCS Commentary, No. 4179, 14 November 2013

Contemporary Nepal: Elections, Constitution-Making and Internal Politics” IPCS Commentary, No. 4168, 7 November 2013

Addressing the Heat Wave over Brahmaputra River” IPCS Commentary, No. 4154, 29 October 2013

South Asia: Anti-Trafficking, Flesh Trade and Human Rights” IPCS Commentary, No. 4116, 12 September 2013

Bhutan Elections 2013” IPCS Commentary, No. 4060, 30 July 2013

Myanmar: Unveiling ‘The Face of Buddhist Terror’” IPCS Commentary, No. 4023, 8 July 2013

Cauvery and the Monsoon Surge” IPCS Commentary, No. 4010, 24 June 2013

India, China and the Brahmaputra River: Beyond the Flood Data Agreement” IPCS Commentary, No. 3979, 6 June 2013

India, China and the Brahmaputra: Understanding the Hydro-politics” IPCS Commentary, No. 3925, 9 May 2013

Brahmaputra River Valley Authority: India and China Redefining their 'Global Commons’” IPCS Commentary, No. 3905, 30 April 2013

India, China & the Brahmaputra: Riparian Rivalry” IPCS Commentary, No. 3864, 31 March 2013

Review: India, Pakistan - Propelling Indus Water ‘Terrorism’ (IWT)” IPCS Commentary, No. 3854, 25 March 2013

India, China, and Bangladesh: The Contentious Politics of the Brahmaputra River” IPCS Commentary, No. 3840, 9 March 2013

Teesta Water Accord: Expectations for Indo-Bangladesh Water Diplomacy” IPCS Commentary, No. 3825, 25 February 2013

Water Conflicts in South Asia: Lessons from the Alwar River Parliament” IPCS Commentary, No. 3792, 15 January 2013

IPCS Discussion: Will the India-Pakistan Dispute Last for Hundred Years?” IPCS Commentary, No. 3764, 26 November 2012

Cyclone Nilam and the Cauvery Basin: Lessons Learnt” IPCS Commentary, No. 3759, 23 November 2012

Cauvery Water Dispute: The Ambedkar Way?” IPCS Commentary, No. 3738, 25 October 201


Email: roomanahukil@gmail.com