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Name: Swapnil Ganesh Sanmukh
Current Job Title: Research Fellow
Institution: NEERI
City: Nagpur, Maharashtra
Country: India
Education level: M.Sc Environmental Biotechnology
Area of Expertise: Environmental Biotechnology and Virology
List of publications:
1.  Swapnil G Sanmukh, Dilip B. Meshram, Waman N. Paunikar, Sandhya Swaminathan. Interaction of fishes with pathogenic bacteria and application of phages for their control-a review. Reviews in fish biology and fisheries 2012, 22:3, 567-574 (IF-2.27). 
2.  Krishna  Khairnar,  Mahendra  P  Raut,  Rajshree  H  Chandekar,  Swapnil  G  Sanmukh, Waman N Paunikar. Novel bacteriophage therapy for controlling metallo-beta-lactamase producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa infection in Catfish. BMC Vet Res. 2013; 9: 264 (IF-1.86). 
3.  Krishna  Khairnar,  Swapnil  G  Sanmukh,  Rajshree  Chandekar,  Waman  N.  Paunikar.  A simple  and  novel  modification  of  comet  assay  for  determination  of  bacteriophage mediated bacterial cell lysis. Journal of Virological Methods (Article in press) (IF-1.9). 
4.  Swapnil G Sanmukh, Krishna Khairnar, Waman N. Paunikar. Novel application of algalviruses  in  increasing  the  extraction  efficiency  of  algal  lipid  for  potential  biodiesel production. African Journal of Biotechnology (Accepted) (IF-0.57).
PUBLICATIONS:- (Peered Reviewed Articles)
1.  Swapnil G. Sanmukh, Masoodur Rahman, Waman N. Paunikar.    Comparative Genomic Studies  of  hypothetical  proteins  in  Cyanophages  International  Journal  of  Computer 
Applications. 2012; 45(15):16-33 (IF-0.816). 
2.  Swapnil G Sanmukh, Somita Goswami, Waman N. Paunikar. Comparative Functional Genomics  Studies  for  Understanding  the  Hypothetical  Proteins  in  Mycobacterium tuberculosis KZN 1435. International Journal of Computer Applications. 2012, 60(1), 1-3 (IF-0.816) 
3.  Azeem  Siddiqui,  Mohd.  Ahmad,  Archis  Pandya,  Swapnil  Sanmukh  and  Krishna Khairnar.  Article:  Genome  Annotation  and  Structure  Predictions  for  Hypothetical Proteins in Agrobacterium fabrum str. C58 plasmid At. International Journal of Computer Applications. 2014, 85(1):22-24 (IF-0.816).
4.  Archis Panday, Azeem Uddin Siddiqui,  Swapnil Sanmukh, Krishna Khairnar. In-Silico Studies of Halophilic Archaeon DL31 Plasmids for Gene Annotation and Structure  Prediction. International Journal of Engineering Research and Applications 01/2014; 4(1):1 -12.
5.  Swapnil  G  Sanmukh,  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Tarun  K.  Ghosh  and  Tapan  Chakrabarti. Structural  and  functional  prediction  of  hypothetical  proteins  in  Bacteriophages  against Halophilic  bacteria  -  An  Insilico  Approach.  International  Journal  of  Pharma  and Biosciences, 2011, 2(2): B61-B70. (IF – 0.67) 
6.  Waman N. Paunikar,  Swapnil G. Sanmukh  and T K Ghosh. Non-specificity of phage enzymes. International Journal of Pharma and Biosciences, 2011, 2(2):B546-B552. (IF  –0.67) 
7.  Swapnil  G  Sanmukh,  Dilip  B.  Meshram,  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Tarun  K  Ghosh. Computational  characterizations  for  structure  and  function  of  unclassified  proteins  in Ictalurus  punctatus.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Artificial  Intelligent  Systems  and Machine Learning, 2011 (Published online) (IF-1.26). 
8.  Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh,  Waman  N.  Paunikar  and  Tarun  K.  Ghosh.  Computational approach  for  structure  and  functionality  search  for  hypothetical  proteins  in Mycobacterium  leprae  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Data  Mining  and  Knowledge Engineering, 2011 (Published online) (IF-1.79). 
9.  Swapnil G. Sanmukh,  Waman N. Paunikar and Tarun K. Ghosh. Study of Hypothetical Proteins in Salmonella Phages and Predicting their Structural and Functional Relationship 
CiiT International Journal of Biometrics and Bioinformatics, 2011 (Published online) (IF-0.975). 
10. Swapnil  G  Sanmukh,  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Dilip  B.  Meshram  and  Tarun  K  Ghosh. Insilico  function  prediction  for  hypothetical  proteins  in  Vibrio  parahaemolyticus 
Chromosome II. CiiT International Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering, 2011 (Published online) (IF-1.79) 
11.  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Swapnil.  G.  Sanmukh  and  Tarun  K.  Ghosh.  Exploring  the hypothetical proteins in Rizhophages and  their role in influencing Rhizobium species in soil.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Artificial  Intelligent  systems  and  Machine  Learning 2011 (Published online) (IF-1.261)  
12.  Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh  and  Waman  N.  Paunikar.  Study  of  hypothetical  proteins  in Shigella  phages.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  fuzzy  Systems.  2011  (Published  online) (IF-0.32). 
13. Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh,  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Dilip  B.  Meshram  and  Tarun  K.  Ghosh. Functionality  search  in  hypothetical  proteins  of  Halobacterium  salinarum  CiiT 
International Journal of fuzzy Systems. 2011 (Published online) (IF-0.32). 
14.  Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh  and  Waman  N.  Paunikar.  Study  of  prophages  in  Lactobacillus species.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Automation  and  Autonomous.  System  2012 
(Published online) (IF-0.59). 
15. Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh  and  Waman  N.  Paunikar.  Yersinia  Phages  and  their  NovelProteins. CiiT  International Journal of Data Mining and Knowledge Engineering. 2012 (Published online) (IF-1.79). 
16.  Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh  and  Waman  N.  Paunikar. Understanding  Mycobacteriophages through  their  unrevealed  proteins.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Fuzzy  Systems  2012 
(Published online) (IF-0.39). 
17.  Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh  and  Waman  N.  Paunikar.  Deciphering  unknown  proteins  in Human  Herpes  Viruses.  CiiT  International  Journal  of  Automation  and  Autonomous 
System. 2011 (Published online) (IF-0.59). 
18. Swapnil  G.  Sanmukh,  Waman  N.  Paunikar,  Tarun  K.  Ghosh  &  Tapan  Chakrabarti. Structure  and  Function  Predictions  of  Hypothetical  Proteins  in  Vibrio  Phages. 
International  Journal  of  Biometrics  and  Bioinformatics.  (December,  2010)  Published online Vol. 4(5), pp 161-175. 
1.  Swapnil  Ganesh  Sanmukh,  Krishna  Suresh  Khairnar,  Sandhya  Swaminathan  and Waman  Narayan  Paunikar.  Novel  applications  of  bacterial  and  algal  viruses  in 
advancement  of  molecular  biology  and  for  enhancement  of  bio-fuel  production. (Accepted for publication). 
2.  Waman Paunikar, Swapnil Sanmukh, Krishna Khairnar, Rajshree Chandekar, Chetan Khapekar†,  Naresh  Bokade,  Udit  Pal,  Ram  Prakash,  Ghanshyamdas  Bodhe.  Future 
prospects of plasma treatment technology for disinfection. (Accepted for publication).  
Email: swamukh1985in@rediffmail.com