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Name: Murari Lal Arrawatia
Current Job Title: Retired from Indian Forest Service and Chairman of Sikkim Public Service Commission
Institution: Retired from Indian Forest Service
City: Jaipur Rajashthan
Country: India
Education level: Masters
Area of Expertise: Major areas of Specialization Climate Change Studies Forest & other Natural Resources Management Remote Sensing and GIS Project Formulation Planning and Management Environmental Information Systems Human Resource Management Mountain Hydrology Biodiversity Conservation Forest Technology
List of publications:


Climate Change in Sikkim - Patterns, Impacts and Initiatives

M.L. Arrawatia and Sandeep Tambe (eds).
Published by Information and Public Relations Department, Govt. of Sikkim in 2012. 
  Review of this book has been published in    http://www.indiatogether.org/sikkim-climate-change-book-reviews
    Review of this book has been also published in http://www.currentscience.ac.in/Volumes/106/07/1015.pdf
Biodiversity of Sikkim- Exploring and Conserving a Global Hotspot

M.L. Arrawatia and Sandeep Tambe (eds).
Published by Information and Public Relations Department, Govt. of Sikkim in 2011 .
Review of this book has been published in Current Science journal 


Journal Publications

Isotope Studies to Identify the Origin and Recharge Area of Himalayan Springs as a Climate Change Adaptation Initiative: A Case Study from Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya
International Journal of Earth Sciences and Engineering Vol. 07,No. 01, February, 2014,Pages 128-134

Enhancing the Hydrological Contribution of Mountain Ecosystems: Environmental Change Adaptation Experiments from the Sikkim Himalaya

Sandeep Tambe, Pem Norbu Sherpa, Nima Tashi Bhutia,M. L. Arrawatia, Sarika Pradhanand D. R. Nepal

Published in the publication titled ' Success stories in Mountain Ecosystem Management' 2013 . Published byMountain

Ecology Division SAARC Forestry Centre Bhutan with cash award of 300 USD


Traditional Lepcha Craft Sumok-Thyaktuk (Lepcha Hat) and its conservation in Dzongu Tribal Reserved Area (DTRA), Sikkim, India

S.R. Lepcha,  R. Gurung & M.L. Arrawatia

Indian Journal of Traditional Knowledge Vol. 11(3) July 2012, pp 537-541.


How safe are our rural structures? Lessons from the 2011 Sikkim Earthquake

S Tambe, R Kumar, ML Arrawatia and AK Ganeriwala

Current Science(Bangalore) 102 (10), 1392-1397, 2012

www.nicee.org/Sikkim --Earthquake TAMBE-Rural-Structures.pdf


Managing Rural Development in the Mountain State of Sikkim, India: Experiences, Innovative Approaches and Key Issues

S Tambe, ML Arrawatia and AK Ganeriwala

Mountain Research and Development 32 (2), 242-252,2012


Reviving dying springs: climate change adaptation experiments from the Sikkim Himalaya

S Tambe, G Kharel, ML Arrawatia, H Kulkarni, K Mahamuni and AK Ganeriwala

Mountain Research and Development 32 (1), 62-72,2011


Documentation of Medicinally important plants from the Landslide prone areas of East Sikkim, India. A Survey Report.

Lepcha,L., Roy, S.G. Sarkar, A. Basistha, B.C. and  Arrawatia, M.L.

International Journal of  Phytology. 3(7): 2011,  01-07


Assessing the Priorities for Sustainable Forest Management in the Sikkim Himalaya, India: A Remote Sensing Based Approach

S Tambe, ML Arrawatia and N Sharma

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing 39 (4), 555-564, 2011


Rapid, cost-effective and high resolution assessment of climate-related vulnerability of rural communities of Sikkim Himalaya, India

S Tambe, ML Arrawatia, NT Bhutia and B Swaroop

Current Science 101 (2), 165-173, 2011



Frequency studies of different shade trees in large cardamom plantations of three districts of Sikkim together with shrubs, herbs and climbers

Radha Krishna Shrma, Dharmendra Lamsal, Narpati Sharma, D.G. Shrestha and M.L. Arrawatia

Pleione 4 (2) , pp.  221-229,  2010


Ecology of Hippophae salicifalia D.Don of temperate and sub-alpine forest of North Sikkim Himalayas –a case study

B.C. Basistha, N.P. Sharma, L.Lepcha, M.L. Arrawatia and A. Sen

SYMBIOSIS (2010) Volume 50, No 1-2, 87-95.

How accurate is ‘caste’ as an indicator for measuring economic backwardness? Rural poverty mapping experiences from Sikkim, India.

Sandeep Tambe, S. Anbalagan, M.L. Arrawatia and Sonam Dhondup

GIS development- Geospatial Application Papers>Land Information Systems>Rural & Cadastral, January, 2010


Rapid Estimation of Source Parametars using Finite Fault Modelling- Case Studies from the Sikkim and Garhwal Himalayas.

Raj A., S.K. Nath, B.K. Bansal, Thengbar Jam, K.K.S., Kumar, A., Thiruvengadam, N., Yadav, A. And Arrawatia M.L.

Seismological Research Letters (SRL), Vol. 80(1), pp 89-96,  2009.


Landscape Analysis in Fambang Lho Wildlife Santuary, East District, Sikkim, India using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.

S. Sudhakar, P.R.C. Prasad, M.L. Arrawatia, K. Sudha, Shilpa Babar and S.K. S.V. Rajeshwar Rao

Journal of the Indian society of Remote Sensing (June 2008) Vol. 36, Issue 2, pp 203-216.


Leafing, flowering and fruiting of Azadirachta indica (Neem) in India.

Kumar, V.S.K. and  M.L. Arrawatia

Journal of Tropical science 11(4) 723-730, year, 1999.


Agroforestry for sustainable development in arid zones of Rajasthan.

Mahendra Singh, M.L. Arrawatia and V.P. Tewari

International tree crops Journal, 9, 1998,  203- 212


Problem of soil salinity and water logging in Indira Gandhi Canal area of Rajasthan State.

V.P. Tewari, M.L. Arrawatia, and V.S. Kishan Kumar

Annals of Biology, 13(1), 1997,7-13


Forest Cover Mapping of East District, Sikkim using IRS-IA, LISSII Satellite Data

S. Sudhakar, Arvind Kumar, M.L. Arrawatia and S. Sengupta.

Journal of the Indian Society of Remote Sensing Vol. 22, No. 3, 1994, 155-168.


Forest Type and density mapping using IRS-1A LISS-II Data.

S. Sudhakar, A. Kumar. A.K. Raha, N. Biwas, M.L. Arrawatia and S. Sengupta

Asian Pacific Remote Sensing Journal, 1994, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp 49-58


Microwave Absorption and Relaxation processes for some substituted Benzo-triflourides in Benzene Solutions at different temperature

M.L. Arrawatia, P.C. Gupta and M.L. Sisodia and S.C. Kabra.

J. Chem Soc. Faraday Trans. 2, 1981, 77 pp 169-180.


Dielectric Behaviour of Benzoylacetone & p-Substituted  Benzoylacetones

P.C. Gupta, M.L. Arrawatia, M.L. Sisodia, P. Baghchandani and B.P. Bachlas

Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 16 October 1978, pp 934-935


Microwave Absorption & Relaxation Process of Some Simple Liquids & Their Mixtures

P.C. Gupta, M.L. Arrawatia, M.L. Sisodia

Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 16 July 1978, pp 707-708


Dielectric Relaxation Time & Dipole Moments Some substituted Benzoflourides in Benzene Solutions

P.C. Gupta, M.L. Arrawatia, M.L. Sisodia

Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 16 April 1978, pp 451-453


Dielectric Relaxation Time & Dipole Moments of some Substituted Benzenes

M.L. Arrawatia, P.C Gupta and M.L. Sisodia

Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Physics Vol. 15 November 1977, pp 770-772


Conference Publications


Isotope studies to identify springs’ origin and their recharge areas as a climate change adaptation initiative: a case study from Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya

D Dhakal, A Tiwari , S Tambe, UK Sinha, M. L. Arrawatia

Paper presented in International Hydrogeology Conference in India on Advances in Water Resources Development and Management - 2013 (AWRDM-2013), Punjab University, October 23-27, 2013

Selected for publication in the International Journal of Earth Science and Engineering (IJEE)


Climate Change, Water Security and Adaptation Initiatives in the Sikkim Himalayas.

Sandeep Tambe, Ghanashyam Kharel, Suju Subba and  M.L. Arrawatia

Compendium of papers 2012 Sustainable Mountain Developments Summit –Sikkim held on May 25-26, 2012 published by Ecotourism & Conservation Society of Sikkim (ECOSS), 2012, pp 12-15.


Study of Suitable Area of Mulberry Food Plants for Sericulture Development in South Sikkim: a RS and GIS based approach.

Pranay Pradhan, N.P. Sharma, Radha Krishna Sharma, D.G. Shrestha and M.L. Arrawatia

Gomatrix-2011 conference at IIT Bombay, Feb 26-27, 2011


Landslides hazard Zonation along NH 31A in between Rangpo and Singtam in Sikkim: RS and GIS approach.

Pranay Pradhan, N.P. Sharma, Radha Krishna Sharma, D.G. Shrestha, M.L. Arrawatia and Pranay Pradhan.

Gomatrix-2011 conference at IIT Bombay, Feb 26-27, 2011


Climate Change, Mountain Spring and Spring shed Development experience in enhancing rural water security from the Sikkim Himalaya.

Sandeep Tambe, G. Kharel,  M.L. Arrawatia, H. Kulkarni and K. Mahamuni.

Proceedings of the Regional Workshop on Rejuvenation of Springs by Artificial Recharge and Catchment Area Treatment with Special Reference to Rainwater Harvesting of the Regional workshop held at Gangtok, Sikkim on 9th March, 2011. Publicised by Central Ground Water Board, Eastern Region, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India, 2011, pp 117-138


Study of Forest Fires of Sikkim Himalayas using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques.

Narpati Sharma, Radha Krishna Sharma, Keshar Kr. Luitel, M.L. Arrawatia, D.G. Shrestha and Safal Pradhan.

International Workshop on Biodiversity and Climate Change at IIT, Kharagpur, December – 2010.


Study on Type and Distribution of Wetlands of Sikkim Himalayas using Satellite Imagery with Remote sensing & GIS Techniques

Narpati Sharma, Safal Pradhan,  M.L. Arrawatia and D.G. Shrestha.

Presented in seminar Lake 2010: Wetlands, Biodiversity and Climate Charge – 22nd -24th December, 2010 at Indian Institute of Science –Banglore.


Monitoring  Sikkim Himalayan Cryosphere

Basnett Smriti, Kullarni A.V., Rathore B.P., Arrawatia M.L. and  Shrestha D.G.

Presented at International Symposium, Benefiting from Earth Observation , 2010 Kathmandu, Nepal (ICIMOD) October 4-6, 2010.


Snow cover monitoring and snow distribution in Sikkim Himalayas

Basnett Smriti, Kullarni A.V., Rathore B.P., Arrawatia M.L. and  Shrestha D.G

Presented at National Research Conference on Climate Change, IIT-Delhi, March 5-6, 2010


Programmes taken up for Glacier Studies and Climate Change Adaptation in Sikkim.

M.L. Arrawatia

Paper presented at Glaciers, Climate Change and Livelihood Summit on 29th -30th Oct.’2009 at Shimla , H.P.


Conceptualizing Strategies to Enhance Rural Water Security in Sikkim, Eastern Himalaya, India

Sandeep Tambe,   M.L. Arrawatia, Rajesh Kumar, Hiralal Bharti and Priyadarshince Shrestha

Proceedings of the workshop on Integrated Water Resource Management on Nov. 27,2009 held at Gangtok, ( Sikkim) published by Central Ground Water Board, Eastern Region, Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India,  2009, pp 01-17.


Designing a Participatory Policy Framework for the Conservation of Lakes in the Sikkim Himalaya

S. Tambe, D. Ghose and M.L. Arrawatia

Paper in the proceeding of Taal 2007:  the 12th world lake conference: pp 2056-2060.,2008,  Sen Gupta, M. and Dadwani, R (Editors) .



Forestry Research Priority for Arid Zone

M.L. Arrawatia

Seminar on Research and Development Priorities for Arid Zone beyond 2000AD, Centre Arid Zone Research Institute, Jodhpur, March 13-14, 1997


Benefits of IGNP and Subsequent Afforestation

Kishan Kumar V.S. and M.L. Arrawatia

Proc. Natn. Sem. Environ. Aspects of Water Resource Development and Management, 1995, Trivandrum, pp.11-17


Phonological studies on Neem

V.P. Tewari, M.L. Arrawatia, Rajeev Rai and V.S. Kishan Kumar

Neem Newsletter of International Neem Network,1(2), 1994,  13-15


Prospects of agroforesty in hot and areas of Rajasthan State in India

V.P. Tewari,  M.L. Arrawatia and Mahendra Singh. 

A paper in the Proceedings of the International conference on Sustainable crop production in fragile environments held at CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar from Nov. 25-281996. The Proceedings has been published in the form of the book Perspectives in sustainable Agriculture, Society of Sustainable Agriculture and Resource Management, Hisar, Haryana 1998. The paper is given on page No. 105-11


Suitability Analysis for Afforestation using information System in Rongni Chu Sub-Watershed, East District, Sikkim

Saram Singh, P.S. Roy, M.L. Arrawatia, T.R. Sudhakar, C.B. Chettri, B.K. Pradhan and A. Kumar

Proceedings of ISRS Silver Jibilee Symposium, Remote Sensing for Environmental Monitoring and Management with special emphasis on hills reasons 1994 – 95, pp 53-59.


Conservation of Biosphere and Estimation of Timber volume in parts of Sikkim and West Bengal: A remote sensing approach

S.Sudhakar, A. Kumar, A.K. Raha, N. Biswas, M.L. Arrawatia and S. Sengupta,

Proc. of the 15th Asian Conference on remote sensing. Nov 17-23, Bangalore, India -1994 (Vol 1E 6-10)


Detailed Forest type and density mapping of South District of Sikkim using remote sensing data

R.N. Jadhav, M.M. Kimothi, M.L. Arrawatia, S.B.S. Bhadoria, A.Kumar and A.K. Kandya

Proc. Nat. Symp. On remote sensing Guwahati, Nov 25-27, 1993


Assessing priorities of sustainable forest management in Sikkim-  An article in Classification Strategies for forest cover mapping of hilly terrain in eastern Himalayas, Sikkim a case study

S.Sudhakar, S. Sengupta and M.L. Arrawatia

GIS development ACRS 1991, Poster Session 



Email: arrawatiaml@yahoo.com