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Roopam Shukla
PhD Scholar
TERI University
Bharat Bhushan
Professor, Environmental Planning
Yashwantrao Chavan Academy of Development Administration
Dr. Vijaya Kumari Nunna
Assistant Professor / Environment and Climate Change Studies
Vasavi Engineering Collge, Hyderabad

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Advisor for the Adaptation to Climate Change in the Pacific Region, GIZ GmbH, Germany, Dili, East Timor, Timor-Leste

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Research Papers

Greenhouse gas emission and soil properties as influenced by wheat biomass burning in Vertisols of central India
Publication Date:10 October 2014 | Author(s): Lenka, N. K. Lenka, R. C. Singh, A. Subba Rao, S. Kundu1 & et al | Source: Current Science
Global covariation of carbon turnover times with climate in terrestrial ecosystems
Publication Date: 9 October 2014 | Author(s): Nuno Carvalhais, Matthias Forkel, Myroslava Khomik, Jessica Bellarby, Martin Jung & et al | Source: Nature
Long-term carbon loss in fragmented Neotropical forests
Publication Date: 7 October 2014 | Author(s): Pütz, Jürgen Groeneveld, Klaus Henle, Christoph Knogge, Alexandre Camargo Martensen & et al | Source: Nature Communications
Quantifying underestimates of long-term upper-ocean warming
Publication Date: 5 October 2014 | Author(s): Paul J. Durack, Peter J. Gleckler, Felix W. Landerer, Karl E. Taylor | Source: Nature Climate Change
Determinants of stagnating carbon intensity in China
Publication Date: 5 October 2014 | Author(s): Dabo Guan, Stephan Klasen, Klaus Hubacek, Kuishuang Feng, Zhu Liu & et al | Source: Nature Climate Change
The response of midlatitude jets to increased CO2: Distinguishing the roles of sea surface temperature and direct radiative forcing
Publication Date: 3 October 2014 | Author(s): Kevin M. Grise, Lorenzo M. Polvani | Source: Geophysical Research Letters
Forced and internal variability of tropical cyclone track density in the western North Pacific
Publication Date: 3 October 2014 | Author(s): Wei Mei, Shang-Ping Xie, Ming Zhao, Yuqing Wang | Source: Journal of Climate
A systematic analysis of enabling conditions for synergy between climate change mitigation and adaptation measures in developing countries
Publication Date: 1 October 2014 | Author(s): Lalisa A. Duguma, Susan W. Wambugu, Peter A. Minang, Meine van Noordwijk | Source: Environmental Science & Policy
How climate change impacted the collapse of the Ming dynasty
Publication Date: October 2014 | Author(s): Jingyun Zheng, Lingbo Xiao, Xiuqi Fang, Zhixin Hao, Quansheng Ge & et al | Source: Climatic Change
A local coastal adaptation pathway
Publication Date: 30 September 2014 | Author(s): J. Barnett, S. Graham, C. Mortreux, R. Fincher, E. Waters, A. Hurlimann | Source: Nature Climate Change


Explaining extreme events of 2013 from a climate perspective
Publication Date: 29/09/2014 | Source: American Meteorological Society
Fair share: climate finance to vulnerable countries
Publication Date: 22/09/2014 | Source: Overseas Development Institute
Advancing climate ambition: cities as partners in global climate action
Publication Date: 01/09/2014 | Source: C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group
What impact can local economic development in cities have on global GHG emissions?: assessing the evidence
Publication Date: 01/09/2014 | Source: Stockholm Environment Institute
Research insights on climate and water in the Hindu Kush Himalayas
Publication Date: 01/09/2014 | Source: ICIMOD
Sea level rise adaptation in the public sector: challenges, solutions, and opportunities
Publication Date: 01/09/2014 | Source: Association Of Climate Change Officers
Advancing climate ambition: how city-scale actions can contribute to global climate goals
Publication Date: 01/09/2014 | Source: Stockholm Environment Institute
Expectations for a new climate agreement
Publication Date: 01/08/2014 | Source: MIT Joint Program On The Science And Policy Of Global Change
Climate readiness in smallholder agricultural systems: lessons learned from REDD+
Publication Date: 01/08/2014 | Source: CGIAR Research Program On Climate Change
Playing with fire: how climate change and development patterns are contributing to the soaring costs of western wildfires
Publication Date: 01/07/2014 | Source: Union Of Concerned Scientists

Climate Change


Prof. Ambuj D Sagar
Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Krishna Achutarao
Associate Professor
Centre for Atmospheric Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi

Dr. Govindswamy Bala
Associate Professor
Center for Atmospheric and Oceanic Studies

Sunita Narain
Director General
Centre for Science and Environment

Chandra Bhushan
Deputy Director General
Centre for Science and Environment

Swapnil Ganesh Sanmukh
Research Fellow

Sudhir Chella Rajan
Professor, Dept. of Humanities and Social Sciences
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras